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The second nine months

Never Heard of Her 

Hi! Lu Hooligan here. I’m a brand new millennial mom who loves a good story and a God story. This is a compilation of storytelling, reviews and tools to encourage fellow parents during the second nine months (and beyond). With a semi-minimalist and research obsessed attitude I take on motherhood intentionally. Guided by faith and moved by manifesting. Reviews and products are either personally used and recommended, personally made, or personally read.


If I’m being totally transparent, I started this business and blog to make extra money while staying at home with my son but literally let it sit and do nothing for almost two whole years. Tons of writings and pictures and blog worthy content sitting around in piles of notebooks and scrap paper. 


My frankincense and myrrh lifestyle is a mixture of being raised in a split home, bounced between conservative-catholic and liberal-spiritual. As you can probably assume my ideals fall somewhere in the middle. The middle. The same place [God + The Universe] do their best work. Sometimes it’s the sweetest and most entertaining place to be.

- The middle of life

- The middle of an Oreo cookie

- The Halftime Show, (or at least that used to be good)

But you know what I love most? An early morning that glows by lamps in the room. When I can feel the steam of my coffee cup fog the lower edges of my large glasses frames. Sitting next to my husband talking about anything and everything. Planning our day and sometimes just dreaming of the possibilities the future holds. Creating our unique life together. Every sip warming my throat and every word slowing down time together. 


Before The Second Nine Months my career was rooted in events, marketing, and small business development until I gave birth to my son. I had every intention of going back to work, but a different dream was placed on my heart after a near breakdown (okay a total meltdown for sure) only two days into being back to work from maternity leave. 

I do things differently in almost all aspects of traditional societal timelines. Reading and writing have been the foundation upon which I started learning to ask: who, what, when, where, why, how, is this current, how do I feel, what is factual, what is emotional, what is uncontrollable? 

Question everything and stand for something. 

The biggest thing I’ve learned from my very expansive and diverse parenting examples growing up and very small experience in my own journey is that we will never fully understand another families path and choices in life. We all are called to different roles in this world. All equally important. So while I am a 90s baby and have been labeled a millennial, I do feel a sense of responsibility in encouraging my peers by not necessarily saying “I did this and do this so I’m right, check it out.” But by sharing links, articles, BOOKS and stories from my own life to encourage the research of whatever topic I am sharing. We are being set up to tear each other down as if we don’t all contribute to the circle of life somehow. Taught to discredit. Taught to “share” too quickly before checking facts or checking if we’re just being a total asshole. 

I’ll raise my hand and admit that before I was a parent, I was a closet judgemental asshole. My opinions were almost completely driven by memes and old wives tales. But what did I know? You don’t know what you don’t know, until you do. And that’s where real change occurs. Experience.

Comparison overload is at the tips of our fingers and connection tools are being used as cognitive weapons. It’s killing our confidence and brewing mediocrity right under our noses. I want to be a constant work in progress in the opposite direction of this type of comparison. 

Parenting, I’ve discovered, comes with weird guilt, and hyper awareness of judgement, and constant whispers of doubt. No matter how confident we are. 

Any and all challenges are unavoidable, but they make us better, if we let them. The difficult thing about falling isn’t always getting back up, at least to me it’s not. It’s about who’s watching when I fall. 

And since change is inevitable.

And you can’t spell challenge without it.

And now there are new little eyes watching. 

I’m choosing to fall a little more intentionally. Failure is going to happen. But I’m willing to fail out-loud and encourage others to do the same. 

As a lifelong learner I am constantly consuming knowledge and trying to figure out how to optimize my own life while also balancing free flow. Chasing more moments and less material things. When it’s all said and done and I’m eventually “pushing daisies” as my grandma says I want to make sure I led a messy, gritty, fully committed and intentional life. Fully wrung out to dry from the valley’s I’ve swam through and the shadows I’ve walked in with only the light of faith.

My family resides in the Midwest so I say things like “ope”, and “oh, yeah, no.” My husband stays working hard winning “the bread”, and I work hard at “tending to child.” We’re a little old fashioned and little new age. We believe in difficult conversations, accountability, making bold moves, asking questions, and believing in something. 

Many blessings, love, light, health, wealth, rocks and happiness to your family(not necessarily in that order). And many thanks, high fives and fist bumps if you follow our journey of en[courage]ment with support along the way. 

Lu Hooligan 

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